Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I really liked this project, it gave everyone a chance to get to know different people in our class. Also making a movie is a really hard process . I never knew how much effort and work actually goes into it until now. My group was OK ; even though i don't like working in groups. My movie that my group did was good , but it wasn't the best. I really liked "group one's" project the best. The fact that it didn't have words was the good part. Hopefully we can do anther project like this soon ....just not in groups...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I was actually absent the first day my class presented their space project (tearrrr!) but the ones i saw today were cool too. My favorite was Savanan's and Celest's . It stood out to me because there was emotion there and it was really well planed out. I lovvedd my project. it was like a little skit or what ever that was also chosen to show all of the Nu-works clases. Ms. Edmonson gave me a few notes to make it even awwesoommer the next time!! Yayayay:)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


OK so.. basically we have this eighth period class at Booker t for all of the freshman , called nu-works. Its really fun ; this is mainly because the class has all of the clusters combined. All we do in there is ...um lol idk how to say it..um we get projects and we have to work in groups with people from different clusters. Like this one project we had where we were put in groups and were given a word based on that Paul Baker thingy. My group's word was space which was like the BEST WORD EVER because our word is what we have been studying in many different ways. 
One day we went to this class where we made these awesome blogs which i am using now:) see. To be honest it was kind of hard because the teacher didn't really help us or explain anything but besides that everything was good. 
Then this one other time we went to a dance class , which is the cluster I'm in but we didn't really do anything plus i left early so.. yea that's whats been going on with me!! BLOG YOU NEXT TIME 
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